For Employers

What differentiates Health Star Consulting from other employee health benefit firms is its unique approach that results in employers taking back control of their plan from insurance companies. HSC implements Rx Cost Solutions, Proactive Health Management Plans, Self-funded Health Plans, and traditional employer group health plans.

Prescription Drug Cost Solution

  • Allows employers to reduce their overall prescription spend by eliminating the risk of high cost medications.
  • Delivers 50%-70% cost reduction in employer Rx spend.
  • Proven ROI of 5:1
  • Ideal for self-funded groups or those looking to go self-funded.

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Proactive Health Management Plan

Finally, a wellness plan that guarantees employers a first year ROI while providing valuable employee benefits. Many employees receive a net increase in pay.

  • Employee guaranteed $320 annual per employee savings
  • Wellness indemnity benefits, including: initial health risk assessment, DNA screenings, biometric screenings, telemedicine, dietary assistance, and online health coaches.
  • Health coaches develop tailored training and prevention programs built on results from employee initial health risk assessment.
  • Hospital daily indemnity confinement benefit.
  • Health screening indemnity benefits, including: prostate cancer, breast cancer, breast ultrasound, stress test, and many more health assessment tests.

Contact us for more information and a Proactive Health Management Plan savings proposal.

Self-funded Medical Plans

What is a Self-Funded Plan?

A self-funded medical plan allows an employer to only pay for actual services and supplies used by its members, and that purchases the appropriate amount of insurance to protect against financial risk it cannot afford to take for unexpected major medical events.

By self-funding, employers reduce their annual total plan cost an average of 20% to 40%.

  • Specific stop-loss insurance protects the employer against a high claim on any one individual.
  • Aggregate stop-loss insurance protects the employer against numerous high claims on multiple individuals occurring during the same plan year or contract period.
  • Self-funded plans eliminate insurance company profit. Savings remain with the employer.

Advantages of Self-funded Plans

  • Employers reduce their total plan cost by 20% to 40% per year.
  • Employees and dependents can go to any doctor or hospital without being penalized.
  • Employers can tailor their specific benefits to better meet the needs of their group.
  • Employers and employees pay wholesale versus retail for all medical services and prescription drugs.
  • Employers know what is being purchased: the unit volume and unit cost for every office visit, lab test, and prescription drug, etc., used by plan members.
  • Employers have the information necessary to purchase only the appropriate amount of insurance specific their groups.
  • Employer has simple claims and administration process.
  • Simple plan and claims administration.

Small Group Employer Health Plans (2 to 50 employees)

  • Employers use unique common sense plans that remove insurance plan middle-men.
  • Employers reduce their total plan cost by 20% to 40%.
  • Employers can offer plans to 1099 and part-time employees with or without employer contribution.
  • Employers can tailor their specific benefits to better meet the needs of their group – even improve benefits while reducing total plan cost.
  • Employers and employees pay significantly less for expensive name brand and specialty prescription drugs (50% to 80% less – no kidding). Serious financial relief for diabetics and others needing expensive maintenance medications.
  • Simple plan and claims administration.
  • Proven results. 100s of plans set up and currently in place.